3 Reasons to Feature Reclaimed Wood in Your Interior Design

Barnwood wall panel design has become a fashionable trend in interior decorating for modern homes and businesses.  But this style is not just a “new fad.”  In fact, the look of wood paneling is classic and timeless.  It has been a key feature in building interiors for hundreds of years.  Like a simple, elegant black cocktail dress, natural wood wall materials seem to never go out of style.

Reclaimed Wood 101

What, exactly, is reclaimed wood? In case you aren’t certain, for a piece of wood to be classified as “reclaimed” it must have been previously processed and used.  It may come from an old schoolhouse, or barn, or ship, or maybe even a wine barrel. (“Reclaimed” wood is different from “salvaged” wood, which has just been collected from a forest floor and never previously processed or used in construction). 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that has developed the FSC Recycled label to recognize the significance of reclaimed wood for protecting the sustainability of the world’s forests.  Their Chain of Custody Program provides standards for sourcing, verifying, and classifying reclaimed materials that are then labeled “FSC certified” to help guide conscious consumers in their buying decisions.

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Wall Designs

There are many reasons to prefer reclaimed wood over newly manufactured wood.  Here are 3 of the top reasons reclaimed wood has become such a sought-after choice:

    1. Unique Character

Each plank of reclaimed wood has a history, which may even be visible in stains, markings, or even tiny nail holes. This gives each piece its own character and personality.  So much so, that even if every building on your street put up a peel and stick accent wall, no two would ever look exactly the same.

     2.History & Durability

Many pieces of reclaimed wood come with a long story. In that sense, they can connect us with history.  Also, because most reclaimed wood has been around for decades, it’s had time to become more climate resistant and stronger than newly manufactured wood, making it already more durable than new wood from the moment it goes up on your walls.

     3. Environmentally Friendly

When you decide to use reclaimed wood, you are essentially recycling a piece of material that otherwise would have been thrown out, so right away you are reducing waste and landfill space.  Also, by using reclaimed wood instead of new wood, there are fewer trees that need to be chopped down and processed for construction, a process that can produce significant water and air pollution. 

Although there are many environmental organizations committed to replanting forests, it takes years for a new tree to grow.  In the meantime, your use of reclaimed wood saves trees.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Design to Match Your Sense of Style

One of the reasons reclaimed wood wall paneling has become so fashionable is because the look is so versatile.  Whether you prefer a rustic, vintage look or a sleek contemporary vibe, there are ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your design.

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