4 Reasons to Put Barnwood Paneling All Throughout Your Home

Barnwood Paneling is a trend on the rise – and its easy to see why. An accent wall made of real, sustainable barnwood immediately brings a touch of warmth and a sense of unique personality to any space. This classic look is timeless, and can complement both contemporary and rustic designs.

If you’ve fallen in love with the style of farmhouse décor, you’ll find there are countless ways to incorporate wood paneling into your home. Here are 4 reasons to put up wood paneling all around your house:


As the most personal room in the home, the bedroom is often the space that most fully expresses what’s unique in your sense of style. Barnwood paneling, which can come in a multitude of colors and finishes, can serve as either a backdrop or a contrasting accent for just about any bedroom design you can imagine. From modern geometric patterning to a touch of rustic elegance, there’s a way to incorporate wood styling that’s just right for you. 

Also, if you want to create a cozy bedroom for guests but you don’t have much space, using wood paneling can help achieve a fresh and inviting feel. For this effect, make sure to keep the rest of the room décor very light, simple, and monochromatic.

Living Room

What if every day could feel like a day spent living by the shore? There’s something about a living room with a breezy coastal vibe that invites you to sit back, breathe, and relax.

Covering even just one living room wall with wood paneling in shades of white or light gray can bring that vacation-time sense of relaxation to the space where you come to unwind every day. Try a vertical pattern for a wall that will look finished without the need for any pictures or further accessories.


Kitchens are a common place to find wood paneling and for good reason.  Oftentimes, kitchens have just enough wall space that some design element is desired, but a full-fledged gallery wall would be impossible.

Consider paneling for your backsplash, or maybe even just one section between your cabinets and countertops that invites a special accent. Or draw attention to the wall behind your kitchen table and define the eating area in an otherwise open concept space.

Find a wood panel finish that complements your existing décor, and you can create a sense of transformation without having to undergo a full kitchen remodel. Compared to months of time and thousands of dollars spent, it’s an ideal renovation solution.  

Laundry Room

If your home includes a laundry room or mudroom, it is often a small space meant for messes and hard work.  But that doesn’t mean it ought to lack style!

With a barnwood panel accent wall, you can immediately upgrade this often-forgotten space and transform it from purely functional to cheerful and inviting.  Add cubbies and a few paint-dipped stools to enhance both the charm and the purposiveness of this room.

If you’re longing to bring the barnwood style into any rooms in your home, Tacwood can provide you will affordable, genuine wood paneling that comes with a self-adhesive for simple DIY installation.

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