5 Ways to Create a Cool Summer Oasis in Your Home with Rustic Barnwood Panels

Temperatures are rising and the days are growing longer.  It’s that time of year when we long to head outdoors to beaches, parks, and gardens to find some relaxation and a sense of renewal from natural surroundings.

But what if you could skip the hassles of traveling and slip away into your own summer oasis right in the comfort of your own home? With a few rustic barnwood panels and a little design ingenuity, you can create a refreshing retreat right inside your house and bring the joys of a vacation home to your everyday life.

Here are 5 design inspirations to help you create a summer oasis for your home:

1. Garden Delights

Create your own green space by bringing your gardening indoors.  A kitchen is an ideal place to grow herbs, with garden boxes set up on your counters or arranged as wall art that also serves a culinary purpose. Or, add a natural feel to your living room by featuring hanging vines or dwarf fruit trees in planters.

 To complete the garden look, showcase your plants against a wood-paneled wall. For a dramatic effect, try our Arctic Fjord white wood panels extending up to cover a vaulted ceiling.

2. Vintage Rosé Wine Cellar

You can enjoy rosé all day in your very own rustic style wine cellar.  If you have a formal dining room but you never hold formal dinners, why not transform the room into a space you will actually love to use for entertaining? Every season you can feature different wines, just like your favorite wine bar -- and what better wine for a refreshing summer than rosé! 

To capture the feel of a vintage wine cellar, try our Chestnut Timber wooden planks to transform your walls. Then build floor to ceiling open wine cabinets to store all your favorite bottles. 

3. Picnic Patio

Imagine enjoying a picnic lunch every afternoon throughout the summer. Your patio can be transformed into the perfect picnic spot with a rustic long wood table flanked by two benches surrounded by your favorite summertime blossoms.

Many patios are framed by one or two walls, which would look like an ideal outdoor retreat covered in distressed-style barnwood panels.

4. Home on the Range

Many homeowners like to bring the wild indoors, featuring animal-inspired designs and prints in their living rooms or libraries. You can capture the feeling of the prairie with long grasses in a wall planter or the desert with a variety of succulents.

To create a stunning backdrop to showcase your wild side, try an asymmetrical wood accent wall in which every row contains just a few boards placed side by side, so there’s plenty of white space surrounding the jagged edges formed by your panels.

5. Coastal Living

Make every day feel like a beach day by bringing the coastal cottage look into your home.

Our wood panels in shades of white and gray, including our Arctic Fjord, Silver Fox, and Wild Lynx boards, can create a cool breezy atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re living near the shore.  Accessorize with some seashells and nautical elements to complete the look.

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