5 Ways to Use Tacwood in Your Home Renovation


Here at Tacwood, we love to dream up ways to improve your home using reclaimed barn wood panels. If you’re planning a home renovation, here are 5 ways you can incorporate our real wood boards to create your new dream home:

1. Couples Compromise

Traditional or Contemporary? Rustic or Urban?  When it comes to home design, it can be difficult sometimes for couples to agree.  Some couples even resort to hiring a professional designer just in order to figure out a way to meld their style preferences (and save their relationship!)

One unique benefit of wood wall paneling is that it can complement many different styles, adding real character to all different kinds of designs. So even couples with radically different tastes can often agree on the choice of wood paneling, sometimes even using it as a starting point to create a style renovation plan that everyone can live with. 

2. Cozy Kids’ Rooms

Tacwood boards can help make kids’ rooms unique. Create an accent wall where your kids can proudly display their own mementos, special treasures, and latest creations. Or panel just one corner for a cozy nook they can make their own.

Best of all, the classic character of barn wood boards is a style that can continue to grow as your kids do.  And once it’s time for your kids to leave the nest, wood wall paneling can easily transition to suit an office, guest room, or whatever new use you find for the room. 

3. Kitchen Upgrade

Renovating your kitchen can be a costly, time-consuming endeavor.  But if all you need is a fresh upgrade, consider using Tacwood to create a new backsplash.  You can use multiple colored boards or a special pattern, like herringbone, to add a touch of design sophistication. 

What’s more, Tacwood boards are designed for simple hassle-free DIY installation, so you can reasonably complete your kitchen upgrade on your own in just one weekend.

4. Beach House Vibe

If you want every day to feel like a vacation, incorporating Tacwood boards into your home design is one way to evoke the relaxing atmosphere of a beach cottage. Try this style in your dining room, living room, or any other large space where family and friends gather and relax.

For a light, expansive, coastal feel, consider mixing and matching our Arctic Fjord and Silver Fox colored boards.

5. Aim for New Heights

One of the most striking uses for our Tacwood boards is to panel a ceiling. This design is especially effective if your walls are already painted white or another light, neutral shade.  All eyes will immediately be drawn upward, which will have the added effect of making the room seem larger. 

This style is especially effective for rooms with cathedral or barrel vault ceilings. It’s also perfect to fill in a tray ceiling.

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