7 Creative Uses for Your Leftover Peel and Stick Wood Boards

If you’ve just completed a home design project using our Tacwood peel and stick wood panels, you probably have some boards leftover.  It’s always a good idea to get extra boards so you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your project. 

Best of all, there’s no need to throw away the remainders! 

Depending on how many panels you have leftover, there are several easy, fun DIY projects you can do that will not only make use of your remaining boards but add an extra tie-in to your original wood project.

Here are 7 creative ideas for re-using your leftover wood panels:

Decorative Headboard

Our distressed wooden planks can create a rustically romantic headboard, accentuating the plush coziness of your bed.

If you don’t have enough planks for a full headboard, try bringing just a few pieces of board together that are cut at different sizes to create a piece of wooden wall art over the bed. 

Coffee Mug Rack

Put your favorite coffee mugs on display and keep them organized with a wooden rack.

Space your boards so they look like a wooden pallet and use metal hooks to hang each mug by the handle.  Using paint and a sponge you can stencil the word “Coffee” on the top board to create an artisanal coffeehouse design. This look goes especially well with our Chestnut Timber boards.

Coffee Table Top

Our Arctic Fjord white wood boards can replace your existing coffee table top to create a beach-inspired, coastal look.

Mix and match with our Silver Fox light gray boards to add depth and visual interest, creating a true statement piece.

Wine Rack

What better way to display some vintage wine bottles than against a wine rack made of distressed wood boards. 

Use the boards to create the perfect backdrop and some pieces of metal to hold each individual bottle. Try adding some pieces of chalkboard beneath the bottles to write out the name of each varietal.

Message Board

If you have just 4 pieces of wood, use them to create a frame around chicken wire, and you have a wonderfully functional message board with a farmhouse feel.

Use clothespins to attach photos, notes, and any pieces of paper you want to keep handy directly to the wiring. For an extra design flair, paint your own personal message or picture right on the frame.

Garden Planter

This project works best with an old wooden box and four spindles to create legs.

Once you have your planter set up, you can add an array of leftover peel and stick wooden planks to the box frame to create a rustic looking container for your favorite flowers or herbs.

Jewelry Holder

Create the perfect display for a vintage jewelry collection using our distressed wooden planks.

The boards can serve as a backdrop for necklaces and bracelets hung on small metal or wooden pegs.  Then just put a small shelf up against the bottom to hold small decorative bowls containing rings and earrings.

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