Create a Classy Upgrade for Your Master Bedroom in Just One Weekend

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary.  It’s the place where you retire after a long day when you’re seeking relaxation and renewal. It’s also the place where you wake up to start a new morning, where the right kind of inspiration can propel you off into a worthwhile day.

Your master bedroom ought to be the most personalized space in your home.  Many people achieve this by collecting and displaying special objects and mementos.  There’s also the choice of furniture, colors, patterns, and an overall design style that fits your tastes and preferences. 

One way you can quickly, easily create a classy style upgrade to match your master bedroom design is through creative use of barn wood wall paneling.  Here at Tacwood, our peel and stick thin planks make for a simple DIY project you can complete in just one weekend.

Here are 5 design ideas to inspire your weekend renovation:

      1. Add Character to Your Color Palette

Whether the current color of your room is bright or subdued, you can add a sense of richness by incorporating wood panels into your design.  Our 100% hemlock pine panels come in several natural shades to complement any décor. 

For a fun, playful design, try using two shades of panels -- one to serve as the dominant background and the other to pop out once or twice in random positions and at varying lengths in each row.

      2. Create an Accent Wall in an Unusual Pattern

To bring attention to your bed and headboard, consider featuring the wall behind as an accent wall with paneling in an unexpected pattern.

A herringbone pattern with its distinctive look of V-shaped weaving is both subtle and stately. Even just laying the panels diagonally as opposed to horizontally or vertically creates eye-catching appeal.

      3. Try a Split Design

Another currently popular trend is to not panel an entire wall, only the bottom half or third. One common measurement is to place the panels so they rise up only to the height of a chair rail, which can be especially effective if you have a special chair featured in your master bedroom décor.

The split style allows you to organize your design space, so you can use the space above the paneling differently than below.  Maybe you want to feature a row of framed sketches or a few intriguing art pieces. This style brings instant attention to the sight line above the paneling. 

For an extra touch of class, try finishing the uppermost row of panels with a metal trim.

      4. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

A ceiling often gets neglected in DIY master bedroom designs.  But if this is the surface you choose for your wood panels, you can achieve a stunning impact that you will certainly appreciate every time you lie down. This style works especially well for rooms with vaulted or high ceilings.

A weathered style wooden plank can give you a cozy, rustic feeling.  Or try fresh white wood panels to make it feel like you’re coming home to a spa every day.  

      5. Make Some Temporary Wall Art

If you’re not ready to commit to permanently changing an entire wall, our peel and stick wood panels can also be used to create wall art that is temporary.

We recommend nailing thin pieces of primed or painted plywood to the wall where you want to feature your new wall art. Then apply Tacwood panels directly to this plywood to create an unusual shape. Or, install your panels so they form a perfect rectangle or square to serve as the background on which to display a painting or sculptural element. When you’re ready for something new, just remove the plywood to take down the entire installation. 

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