How Barnwood Wall Panels Can Increase the Value of Your Small Business

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The moment customers enter your store, they get an immediate, wordless – but very powerful – first impression of the value your business has to offer. A clean, organized look is paramount to the success of any brick-and-mortar business.  And then there is the intangible “design feel” of your space…

How can you achieve a professional, friendly, inviting sense of style without spending outrageous interior decorating fees?

Many small business owners are finding the design edge they need to stand out from the competition in a simple, versatile trend: barnwood wall panels.

Here are 4 design inspirations that could be the perfect upgrade for your business: 

A sleek, contemporary look for a modern restaurant or cutting-edge salon

Just as an outdated haircut or over-it food trend would be unfortunate advertising for your forward-thinking business, showcasing dull or outdated interior design will have your customers wondering, “what’s the deal with this place?”

For an instant fresh look, try creating a bold statement piece with an accent wall in a striking geometric pattern

A rustic, organic feel for an artisan coffee shop or green local grocery store

More and more customers today want to associate their food habits with good health, nature, and local producers.  They’re often willing to pay more for experiences that conjure up a feeling of authenticity from the moment they enter a shop.  Barnwood boards with a weathered look fit well with both a “farm-to-table” and “artisanal craft” theme.

Consider pairing your weathered boards with industrial metals for a style that is both rustic and modern


A clean, warm style for all kinds of healthcare and professional offices

Patients and clients on their way to visit a doctor, lawyer, or other local professional are probably already stressed with worries about their problems, missing work to keep an appointment, and potentially expensive bills. Why depress them even more by making them wait in a cold, barren waiting room?

Wooden walls can instantly add both character and warmth to a space.  Adding natural elements in soothing colors can help your clients relax and get their appointments started off with a better, more open and receptive mood.  

A chic, trendy design element for fashion boutiques

Your fashion business probably already has mirrors, glass, and other shiny objects on display to draw your customers’ attention.  A great way to add both balance and a sense of design to your store is by incorporating rustic wooden boards into your overall interior design palette.  They also make a perfect backdrop for showcasing featured items like woolen knit accessories and hammered metal jewelry.

A distressed wood background might be the perfect contrast for your trendy wares.

If you’re interested in trying out wooden wall panels for your business, Tacwood offers a simple but stylish DIY product: self-adhesive, genuine wood boards you can use to create a high-end style in very little time and at a fraction of the cost of hiring expensive designers. Check out some of our best design ideas online by following us #tacwooddesign

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