How to Use Barnwood Panels to Make a Small Room Seem Big

Whatever the size of your home, you probably have a room or two you would describe as “cozy.”  In other words, a small space.

There are many tips and tricks to help a small room feel less claustrophobic, from major renovations, such as adding tall windows, to weekend DIY projects, such as installing shelves near to the ceiling in order to draw eyes upward.

If you’re looking for more techniques to help make a small space seem bigger, here are 4 ways you can incorporate barnwood panels into your design that will provide a sense of spaciousness in addition to enhancing the feeling of coziness: 

1. Go Vertical

Many homeowners like to install our barnwood wall panels horizontally to mimic the style of traditional shiplap.  However, the boards also look striking and elegant when placed vertically, and this creates a striped effect that makes rooms with low ceilings look much taller.

To enhance the illusion of height, pair the vertically installed wooden planks with another long, element such as a tall slender mirror or grandfather clock.

2. Play with Contrasting Colors

Generally, lighter colors make a room seem bigger. One can emphasize this visual illusion by contrasting one darker wall with another wall that has both light color and a sense of texture. 

Our Arctic Fjord white wooden planks work particularly well to make a room feel more expansive.

3. Accent the Angles

Maybe your home has a room with a slanted ceiling or wall design, an architectural feature that can often make a space feel cramped. 

Interestingly, if you accent the angle by covering it with our rustic-style wooden planks, you can draw eyes upward in a way that mimics higher ceilings.  This design is best paired with cool light colors for paint and furniture and sheer drapes for any windows to maximize the light. 

4. Create a Bright Backsplash

Bathrooms and kitchens frequently can be two of the smaller rooms in a home. One way to make them feel larger is to use light-colored barnwood panels as a backsplash.

Our Silver Fox or Arctic Fjord wooden boards work especially well to add a sense of lightness to a room while also contributing a sense of richness, depth, and texture.  These styles go particularly well when matched to the color tones of a darker countertop.

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