How to Use Peel and Stick Wood Panels to Create a Modern Shiplap Style

The look of shiplap seems to be everywhere these days.  Though it started out as inexpensive exterior siding for barns and as a way to provide an indoor wall surface for wallpaper in the days before sheetrock was invented, today the shiplap style is prized and showcased in the trendiest homes all across America.

The thing is, if you’re installing shiplap from scratch, the look can be rather difficult to get. Traditional shiplap is made up of wooden planks with a recess called a “rabbet” cut out of opposite sides of each edge, which make it possible for the boards to overlap. If you want to create your own traditional shiplap, you have to cut out your own rabbets on the top and bottom edges of your boards to get the necessary overlap – not easy.

Thankfully, today there is a much simpler way to get a beautiful shiplap design without all the hassle.  The solution is peel and stick wood panels, like those by Tacwood, that let you create gorgeous, modern-looking interior real wood walls without needing any expensive carpentry tools or special woodworking skills. 

Here are four stylish ways you can design and install on your very own walls using peel and stick panels to create a modern shiplap look:

1. Dark-Colored Shiplap for a Sleek, Sophisticated Style

This is modern shiplap at its sophisticated best.  Even though most people think of white or light-colored wood when they think of shiplap design, dark-colored boards will give you a rich, sleek look perfect for an urban setting or masculine space.  Try our dark charcoal gray Sable Dusk boards for this look. 

Pro tip: install your boards in an interesting, sophisticated pattern, like a herringbone V-shape. Not only does this add visual interest, this installation style will allow the boards to catch the light in the room so that the seams between the dark boards will be subtly highlighted rather than hidden.

2. Your Very Own Modern Rustic Cabin Design

Perhaps you want to blend your modern sensibilities with a touch of rustic style.  If so, try our Chestnut Timber boards to create an accent wall in a room filled with modern, industrial design.

A metal geometric pendant light makes the perfect finishing touch for an artisanal flair that is both functional and stylish. 

3. Light-Colored Shiplap to Feel Like You’re Living at the Beach

If you want every day to feel like a beach day, light-colored shiplap will evoke that breezy beach cottage feel, especially in a large gathering area, like a family room or casual living room.  Both our white Arctic Fjord boards and our pale gray Silver Fox boards work well for this style.

Add to the easygoing beach feel by pairing this look with blue glass accessories and design elements inspired by nature, like driftwood or container garden plants. 

4. Mix-and-Match Palette to Create a Contemporary, Geometric Look

For a striking statement piece, create a stand-out accent wall by incorporating boards of different shades to create a geometric pattern. Tacwood even offers an Assorted product option featuring boards in our three shades of gray. 

Just cut the boards to different sizes so that when you lay them side by side they form a visual design marked by tonal contrast. For an even more contemporary edge, consider installing your boards vertically – this works especially well in a room with high ceilings.

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