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Silver Fox

The Silver Fox stealthily crosses the meadow as a glimpse of its gray beauty gleams against the wooded backdrop. The rarity of perfection is captured in this color as it creates a peripheral wonder that brings a level of peaked interest to any space its applied.

Each panel is crafted from genuine wood and specially designed for simple, hassle-free installation. We use top-quality Hemlock Pine for a perfect product. Each and every one of our panels is individually brushed, giving them, a smooth, finished quality surface. Each plank is weathered and aged, for that perfect rugged, rustic look.
Tacwood panels are 5” wide, and come in varying lengths from 12” to 48” long. Panels are 5/16” thick and can be easily installed in a staggered fashion.
Tacwood can be installed in multiple ways to create a look that is unique to your space. Try it horizontally, vertically, or any style you can imagine. You can install Tacwood on most dry smooth surfaces, simply peel and stick. We offer a variety of color options to choose from so you can create a custom finish for your space.
Measuring & Installation
Measuring & Installation
Measure the length and width of your wall / space in inches. Then, enter it into our calculator above to see how many boxes you will need.

Have a tricky room?
If you have any window or door openings in your space, call us and we'll help figure out your necessary square footage.

Click here for Tacwood Installation Instructions

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