Product Information

Which surfaces can Tacwood be used on?

Tacwood will stick to any interior surface, as long as the surface is clean and smooth. Before applying Tacwood to an unpainted wall, we recommend coating the surface with primer first and allowing it to dry.

Is Tacwood real wood?

We are proud to say that Tacwood is created out of 100% hemlock pine.

Will all of my panels be same exact color?

Tacwood is a natural wood product and variations in color create a beautiful rustic, natural look. Wood is a natural product so it will vary in color, texture and grain. Tacwood will naturally change color. As a result we cannot ensure the color variations in each order.

Are there any options for temporary uses of Tacwood?

We recommend nailing a thin piece of primed or painted plywood to the desired surface and applying Tacwood directly to the plywood for a non-permanent option.

How can I fix my panels if they become damaged?

You can purchase a touch-up kit with matching colors from our website in case of accidental damage to our product.


Product Application

Do I need to acclimate Tacwood?

Similar to wood flooring, acclimation is the first step to take before installing Tacwood. Due to their slim width, the acclimation period for Tacwood products is relatively short. We recommend allowing 48-72 hours for acclimation.

How do I cut my Tacwood to fit my space?

The thin planks of Tacwood allow for easy cutting, making installation easy and hassle-free. There are a variety of tools you can use to cut your Tacwood including a mitre saw, chop saw, hand saw or jigsaw.

How do you remove the panels and adhesive?

Tacwood is a more permanent solution. Once removed, you will have to re-drywall the area where the Tacwood was installed.

How do I clean Tacwood?

Tacwood can be cleaned with a vacuum attachment to remove any dust or dirt that may build up.